15 Aug

Results Day – what you need to know!

Rarely in life are we put in a position where one day can dominate our entire summer. As young people, leaders of tomorrow, we end up putting so much pressure on ourselves to succeed on results day, excel in our academics and thrive in our exams.

The message I want to put across here is that our success is not defined by a single gradesheet, but rather how we respond to it. There are a number of available options for young people on results day and the weeks following. The aim of this post is to provide you with the information you need to make the most out of your results.

Going into your GCSE results day, you need the grades to take the particular subjects you’d like at college. A*s are super but if the college you’re going to is only asking for a B then please don’t be put down if you got a B! Almost all universities (with the exception of Oxford and Cambridge) solely look at your grades at college courses so although your GCSE grades are crucial for your A Level entry, they have little bearing on much else beyond three or four years’ time. Another thing to realise is that there is no wrong choice in where to study or train for your furthering education. An A Level in Maths is an A Level in Maths, no matter where you study it so try to make the most out of wherever you end up.

“Well now that I look back on it I wish I wasn’t as stressed out as I was…”

Dorna, Geography, University of Derby.

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