About Us

Our vision is that every young person feels the capacity to BEDAZZLE. Our founders, lifelong professionals working with young people in public health, education, and care, have seen this belief in oneself slipping incrementally from our young people over the past decade. 

Never before have young people had more dimensions to interfere with their development – globalisation and the climate crisis, social media, high rates of crime, and poverty and inequality. In fact, the West Midlands, where we are based and operate, have some of the worst pockets of deprivation in the UK, including Birmingham, which has the 6th highest deprivation in the country. Yet statutory services have been cut annually in recent years, leaving gaping holes in support for children and young people, even while demand is rising for services.  

Even though funding is being cut, reducing capacity of school SEN departments and local CAMHS programmes alike, more emphasis is being placed on schools’ responsibility to support young peoples’ mental health, with growing standards and accountability through Ofsted. Many schools now also have been forced to rely on external organisations and extra curricular opportunities for sports and arts curriculums – or are cutting them altogether, despite their proven role in improving wellbeing. 
That is why we formed Bedazzle in 2016. The blame culture needs to end, and a new model of solution- focused change agents needs to foment. We cannot wait for the government to ‘do something’ about the thousands of young people at risk in our community. We need to be proactive, and empower them, their families and their teachers with affordable, early intervention to cultivate high levels of confidence and resilience. 

We have focussed on working directly with schools and community partners to catch children and young people in need early on, and to help them achieve greater well-being with person-centred programming, which often incorporates sports, physical programmes, and/or the arts. We take a holistic approach, involving teachers, parents, carers, and others as appropriate in supporting each young person. Much of this work was designed liasing with the NHS, schools, young people, and care providers to pinpoint problems and design practical programme solutions.
Our charitable purposes, as listed in our constitution are:
  • To help young people, through educational and leisure time activities, so as to develop their capabilities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.
  • To advance the education of young people in the subject of personal, social and health education.
  • To promote social inclusion by preventing young people from becoming socially excluded & relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded, assisting them to integrate in society.