You may have noticed by now, here at Bedazzle we are big fans of Zebras, for a number of reasons.

Zebras Don’t Get Stressed!

Imagine a Zebra is peacefully grazing when it spots a Lioness. It’s adrenaline kicks in,  giving the animal a brief boost to flee and survive the Lion chase. If the Zebra succeeds, it goes back to enjoy it’s meal like nothing ever happened.

But what if he held onto that stress all day? Through an entire week?  Thinking of Lions, dreaming of Lions, being afraid of Lions? The Zebra would not survive! Its body would collapse due to an intoxicating cocktail of chemicals produced by constant stress.

We all recognise some stress can be good for us, it makes us act or perform to our best, to want to achieve and succeed. A brief rush of adrenaline that comes in specific moments for a brief period of time can be helpful. The chemicals released by the body will help you to focus, to produce and then, to continue your day feeling at ease – just like the Zebra.

When we are under constant stress it leaves us extremely emotional and constantly living with your mind on past events, or worrying about the uncertain, making the ability to focus in the present – the moment we are living – an impossible task.

Zebra’s stripe patterns are all completely unique and individual…

They are highly social, brave animals, who care deeply about their group members and come to each other’s defence. They are a symbol of balance, harmony, clarity without filter and sureness of path.

Coincidentally, a group of Zebras is also referred to as a dazzle!

We believe if we can teach future generations to be “a bit more zebra” – both in terms of character and in how they utilise and manage their stress –  then we stand a chance of making the world a much better place for all of us to live in. We want to help give young people the skills and the support they need to live a happy and fruitful life.

Too many young people live in fear of embracing their individuality, instead of celebrating this, finding and nurturing their talents and accepting themselves for who they are.

Kevin T McKellar (1965-2014)

One of Kevin’s hand written revision packs he created for Year 11 students

The main inspiration for setting up Bedazzle was Kevin. Kevin was a great father, a great headteacher and a great friend to so many people. He was the biggest supporter and advocate of young people, who could see the best in everyone and had an amazing ability to help them blossom. He was also a huge fan of Zebras!

Kevin tragically took his own life in August 2014. He achieved so much in his time and touched the lives of so many; encouraging and investing in them to pursue their dreams and ambitions. He believed we had so much to learn from each other and his ideals of creating an honest, transparent, supportive, non-judgemental, inclusive community are key to our working ethos here at Bedazzle.

The ultimate aim of Bedazzle is to support young people to be happy and successful in all aspects of their life, to allow them to flourish and preventing any young person feeling so lost, confused or overwhelmed that their young life ends up being taken too early.

“Cherry Blossom is now in bloom and surrounds us. It is a symbol of the fragility of life, making the most of it, cherishing every beautiful moment. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Work as hard as you can. Believe in yourself and in your incredible ability.”

Kevin T McKellar